Training program

Outstanding Training Courses for SMEs

STT Training Courses   1 Business Awareness and Business Ideas   2 Business Planning   3 Market Issues and Marketing in Start-Up 4  Business Administration Fundamental Problem   5 Marketing Administration   6 Quality Management   7 Business Skills   8 Team-Work Skills   9 Administration Skills   10 Business Issues in International Market   11 Economic Integration Thematic   … Chi tiết

Outstanding Consulting Service for SMEs

Consulting on Risk Management Training courses on Risk Management help to resolve risks associated with assets, technologies, finance, legal side across the enterprise. MACDI commits to provide risk management supporting to our clients with a strategic vision and solution designed not only to meet risk management objectives but also meet general business goals. Through using powerful analytical methods, we identify … Chi tiết

MACDI – Small And Medium Enterprise Supportation

Service features and Benefit Survey the community on their needs, knowledge of farmers and business groups; SMEs, micro-finance institutions. Provide training courses and consulting about agricultural production services; Training and consulting businesses planning and strategies for a certain amount of time; Instruct on financial planning and analysis of financial management skills (revenue expenditure); Develop consulting skills to avoid risks in … Chi tiết

Accounting and Auditing Training Courses

In MACDI, We are not only provide training and consulting courses for SMEs, Finance Training Course, Human Resources Training Course… but also Accounting and Auditing Training Course, consists of: Assurance & Audit: Audits and reviews of reporting. Other Related services: Agreed upon procedures Reviews and compilation of historical financial statements Internal audit outsourcing Internal Control Review and Consultation Examination of … Chi tiết

Accounting and Finance Management in Microfinance Organizations

Name of course; Accounting and finance management in Microfinance Organizations Length:   5 days Paticipants: Director, Branch Director, Book-keeper, Loan tellers Organizations to be trained: 01 training course for partners in the project Improving urban Ho Chi Minh

[2014] Macdi Received The Global Award For Innovative Fundraising Campaign

On April 10 to 12, 2017, MACDI had organized a training course called “Managing daily activities (ADL) – how to take care of a disabled child” in Hoa Binh province. On the first day of the course, MACDI visited families having children with Cerebral Palsy in order to ask them about their daily life activities. MACDI also wanted to know … Chi tiết

Our Commitments And Values & Our Training Models

Our Commitment to education: We believe education is the foundation of có knowledge, and honest knowledge society help to trở sẽ stronger and more Sustainable. In an effort to Achieve our goal of creating in society through Prosperity trong khi Organizations Providing knowledge development cần for innovation, We commit to:     Providing professional and high quality courses and skills … Chi tiết

Credit Appraisal

Name of course Credit appraised Length:   5 days Participants: Director, branch director, loan tellers. Organizations to be trained 01 training course for staff of capital turnover Capital turnover fund of fund under Urban improvement project of Nam Dinh city

Individual Loan Appraisal

Name of course: Individual loan appraisal Length:   3 days Participants: Director, branch director, credit director, credit staff Organizations to be trained: 01 course for Fund supporting women for economic development in Tien Giang province

Change From Group Loan To Individual Loan (ASA)

  Name of course: Change from group to the individual loan Loan (ASA) Length:   3 days Participants: Director, branch director, director credit, credit staff Organizations to be trained: 01 training course for international partner in Vietnam, fund poor Supporting women in Tien Giang, Norwegian coalition mission, Project Supporting women in Ninh Phuoc poor, Dariu, World Vision.

Risk Management

Name of course: Risk management Length:   4 days Participants: Director, branch director, director credit, credit staff Organizations to be trained: 03 training courses for Care Vietnam organization, MCNV, poor project Supporting women in Ha Tinh, Partner of Project Management Unit of Ho Chi Minh urban upgrade

Overdue Debt Management

Name of course: Overdue debt management Length:   3 days Participants: Director, branch director, director credit, credit staff, accountant Organizations to be trained: 01 training course for staff of Women in Dien Bien province Fund

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