Renewable Energy

Workshop on Launching “Vietnam Climate Action Alliance”

On 21st and 23rd, August 2019, “Vietnam Coalition for Climate Action” workshop was launched in Hue and Ho Chi Mi City with over 100 participants from non-government organiztions, enterprises, financial institutions, consumer community, representative of university, institution organizations, technical support, poineering  associations promoting  Green Development in Vietnam. Mrs Dinh Thi Minh Thai – Director of Micro-finance and Community Development Institute … Chi tiết

Carbon Tracker Initiative Report – Here comes the sun

On 12, June 2019 at British Ambassador’s residence in Hanoi, Director of MACDI was invited to participate in the discussion on Vietnam’s Renewable Revolution and its implications for Coal  Power Investment. The roundtable is on the eve of the launch of the report on “Economic and Financial Risks of Coal Power in Vietnam: 2019 Update” in Vietnam by Carbon Tracker Initiative. The … Chi tiết

Director of MACDI to be a speaker at International Renewable Energy Conference in Thailand

Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Ministry of Energy, Thailand will host the “International Forum on Unlocking investment Opportunities in Renewable Energy for the ASEAN Region” aiming to create information sharing platform of ASEAN renewable energy status on policies, technologies, and energy markets. Moreover, this forum highlights trends, direction and opportunities for investment in renewable energy business in … Chi tiết

Sustainable Energy – MACDI on the NIRAS International Consulting Brochure

With Vietnam’s energy demand projected to increase by more than 10 per cent annually in the next five years and required power capacity to double, the country is moving to diversify its energy mix, including plans to generate more power from renewable sources. The rooftop solar market will be essential for Vietnam to meet its massive energy needs. Affer successfull … Chi tiết

Renewable Energy – Vietnam’s Power Future

Viet Nam’s renewable energy has tremendous potential. Right national policies and incentives would enable and encourage large investments to fully maximize and deliver on the promise and co-benefits of renewable energy. This was agreed by participants in a workshop on renewable energy development in Viet Nam, organized by the General Department of Energy under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, … Chi tiết

At MACDI We Are Committed To Ending Energy Poverty

Picture a world in which everyone has access to modern clean energy services! At MACDI we are committed to ending energy poverty. Globally, over 1.2 billion people live without access to electricity and almost 3 billion people lack clean cooking facilities. The world’s poor are continuously affected by the low availability of sustainable and reliable energy, with increasing difficulty in … Chi tiết

“Community Produces Pellets From Forest and Agricultural by Products” Project

The Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) with the Mekong region is grant program funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. EEP Mekong promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technology investments in the four Mekong countries – Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam. The objective is to combat climate change while providing sustainable energy services to those who lack … Chi tiết

Hanoi Strives to Reduce Plastic Use

Hanoi aims to reduce the use of plastic bags in the traditional markets, supermarkets and trade centres to protect environment as well as ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem. This is the action plan of the Ha Noi People’s Committee that aims to implement the sustainable production and consumption programme by 2020. The city also plans to increase the percentage … Chi tiết

MACDI – Combating Plastic Pollution

Twenty-two embassies and international organisations marked World Environment Day by signing a Code of Conduct on Combatting Plastic Pollution at L’Espace, 24 Trang Tien on June 4, 2018. MACDI has participated this campaign as a partner to join the Development Partners to reduce plastic consumption. By signing this Code of Conduct, international partners commit to assessing their current office practices … Chi tiết

Code of Conduct on Combating Plastic Pollution

As plastic pollution is a pressing global issue with devastating ecological consequences, and As Vietnam is among the top five source countries for the eight million tons of plastic that is dumped into the world’s oceans each year, We acknowledge our collective responsibility as international partners in Vietnam to work with some urgency as change agents to reduce plastic pollution and … Chi tiết

Sawdust Pellets Production Project Impact

Many years ago, with the increasing the population and humans activities as: burning fossil fuels (gas, coal, nature gas), deforestation… has big impact to environment and climate. The increasing of greenhouse gas emissions makes the greenhouse effect cause the warming of the earth which is accompanied by changes in the climate system: sea level rise, melting ice, natural disasters, storms … Chi tiết

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